Friday, April 22, 2022

First Typewriter Experience

     What a heartwarming experience it is to turn on folks to typewriters for the first time!  In a room full of teenagers, only these two were fascinated by my machines.  Beecher is a senior newspaper staff member and Kishaun is in the jazz band.  Both are very creative types.  ;-)

     Beecher asked where he could buy a typewriter, and as I was explaining to him, he cut me short and told me his mother works with their graphic design team.  He also buys jewelry and shoes from their website.  He's going to look around this weekend and find an electric machine, because like me, he prefers them.

     They gave me permission to post their first typewriter adventure...


  1. They are the champions! :D

  2. We are the champions my friend
    and we'll keep on typing 'til the end...

    As someone who was around back when typewriting was still being taught in school, I find it pretty surreal to think of today's high school students experiencing typewriters as the historical artifacts that they are. Yet creativity knows no bounds and in the hands of some, typewriters are able to help grow that creativity even further.

    Good stuff Mei.

  3. Love it! Thanks for posting this.


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