Thursday, October 6, 2022

She's Got a Ticket to Ride

Here are some older typing prompts that I banged out during Typewriter Club Live in April and May.  I've been known to scan and post typecasts long after composing them. :-)

I also posted one earlier this evening.  Two in one day!  Ted would be proud. :-D

I Like Big Type and I Can Not Lie

 This is my 4th typewriter.  I was so green back in the summer of 2020 that I had no idea it sported a 6-CPI when I bought it from only seeing its very blurry photos on Facebook Marketplace.  I simply saw a Smith-Corona 5-series for $30 locally.  I discovered the wonderful surprise soon after I brought it home and shared its images online with the Typosphere.  A Silent-Super never disappoints, and this uncommon Sight-Saver #47 type style rocks my typewriter world.  I've not browsed all the TWDB galleries, but the only other one I've seen is Ted Munk's that he eventually relinquished to Bill Wahl of Mesa Typewriter Exchange.  He must've gotten something really awesome in trade, because you'd have to pry this awesomeness from my cold dead hands or perhaps $4,000.  :-D

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