Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Typewriter Stationery

What's even more awesome than sending a hand-typed letter is getting one in return.  It's better to receive than to give, ha!  I'm filled with pure happiness when savoring a letter from a type pal. It's better than feeling a little insecure about writing & mailing them.  Is my writing too simple?  Am I going overboard with the typewriter talk?   Will they like the stationery?  Lately I've grown confident that I'm being totally silly.  We'll all adore each other's letters no matter what, because we're all neat folks and we use cool TYPEWRITERS!

Slowly but surely I'm catching up with correspondence.  I've sent out several letters these past few weeks and already I've gotten a few in return.  Fun!  Here's an example of the typewriter-themed stationery I make, with a letter from a year ago.  I meant to post it our TypePals.com community but never got around to it, much like some of letters I've digging out and sending.  Y'all know who you are! ;-D 


  1. Don't be nervous, just write! :D
    Wow, 59 machines? I think you just passed me up!

  2. Keep it going Mei — good stuff!

  3. That's the best script typeface, for my money.

  4. Love that stamped stationery! Looks awesome.


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