Thursday, November 26, 2020

Origami and Typewriters

    There are many different ways to fold a little book from one sheet of paper. Here are my two favorite easy methods, though technically they are not true origami because of the cutting. The square one is a little more complex than the rectangular one, but both are simple enough for a beginner. An internet search will provide lots of tutorials of many types of creative origami books.
    The rectangular one is easy, and scrap may be used since the back of the paper doesn't show in the book.  Fold first, add the content, and then do the cutting.  Cutting the paper before inserting it into a typewriter makes it more likely to get caught in the rollers.  Here's is a printable booklet on how to make the booklet .  Simply expand the image to print all the way to the edge of the paper and follow the folding instructions.

    The square book is a little more complex to fold and requires a perfectly square sheet, ideally with colored and white sides.  The colored side of the paper become the front and back covers, and the inner pages are white.  The inner pages can be tacked with their backs together, or pulled out like a centerfold to reveal the decorative backside of the paper, where creative additions can be attached.

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